Even a few decades ago, if you bought a men’s timepiece, it was probably tiny. For nearly as long as men have worn timepieces on their wrists, watches of 33mm to 36mm were considered stylish outliers and bulky sports watches. In fact, several enormous watch designs from the past were chastised for being overly massive.

The times have changed, but the perks of a tiny watch have not. If you already believe in a simple timepiece silhouette, you’re in luck because that’s the current vogue among collectors and watchmakers. If you’re wondering what’s driving the trend, here’s why we think small watches are the best.

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    Old-School Vibe

    First and foremost, our suggestion is to buy whatever you want, regardless of size. Another piece of advice is to consider joining the small-watch movement. For quite some time, the antique watch industry has been thriving, and watch collectors have grown to appreciate the truly modest case sizes of yesteryear.

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    Watchmakers now appear to have taken note, providing dress and sporting timepieces in sizes similar to their forefathers. Tudor’s Black Bay 54 for 2023 is a notable specimen in dive watch form, measuring 37mm, the same diameter as the Tudor Submariner that debuted in 1954.


    So, what benefits do you get with a smaller watch? For one thing, comfort. A large watch is a constant weight on your wrist, and while some boast “heft” as a sign of quality or even like the weight, a really comfortable watch is one that vanishes on your wrist.

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    Thinner, smaller timepieces are intrinsically lighter due to the use of less material. Furthermore, because there is less flat surface area on a smaller diameter watch, it will sit more flush on your wrist if your wrist shape is more round than flat.

    Sign of High Class Watchmaking

    Smaller watches need more planning and work under more limits. Complex motions must be designed to be small and compact. Cases must be slim while still being sturdy enough to withstand shocks and water pressure. Tolerances between the dial, hands, and crystal must be as close to perfect as possible. Only the best watchmakers can create the perfect small mechanical timepiece.


    Large watches have a lot of vacant space on the case and dial to contend with. Taller, thicker watches have slab-sided cases, but watches with huge dials frequently have an excess of negative space, making the watch feel empty and platter-like. On the other hand, a small watch comes with a perfect layout design that utilises all the space perfectly.

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    So, there are some reasons why small timepieces are back in style. Find the perfect small timepiece for you online or visit The Time Place boutique for more information.